13 jul. 2015

Paper by Estefanía López Salas in The International Medieval Congress (Leeds)


The International Medieval Congress. 5-9 July 2015. University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
Samos Abbey during the 16th Century: The Reasons and Consequences of Reform on Its Medieval Architecture
Estefanía López Salas

During the second half of the 15th century, the Catholic kings favoured a reform of the religious orders in Spain, with the aim of bringing to an end the spiritual and material declining period that the most of monasteries were suffering. Taking as an example the case of Samos Abbey, in this paper we will examine what steps were given to make possible the reform, what motives caused the changes and, above all, what consequences they produced in the medieval spaces. With this approach, we seek to determine in which measure the new rules established to reform the spiritual life, had also an influence on the transformation and definition of a new monastic architectural complex from the existing one.